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 July 17, 2024

SEET is a fast growing open educational resource for secondary education in Uganda that was initiated in 2013. It was originally called the Mwalimu Online Study Tool and later January 2015 diversified into SEET (with special focus on student centred learning) and Teachers E-learning Platform (TEP).

SEET as an online platform empowers students to learn at their own pace with less dependency on teachers through its repository of content in four areas: examinations and solutions, e-books, video lessons and questions/answers collection. It is implemented under the principle of content crowdsourcing whereby the users/crowd (students and teachers) access all the four content areas and can add new content to the repository, except the examinations area. Relevant, Quality Content

To ensure quality of content in the repository, the content from the crowd is kept in transition space until approved or discarded/deleted by the relevant subject administrator. The approved content then becomes accessible to all users.


Quality Online Education for Africa.


To strengthen competitiveness of all schools irrespective of their geographic location through open access to relevant, quality online content.


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